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understand the underlying psychology
Comprehensive Explanations 

When it comes to the toxic or disordered people in your life, do you want to understand what compels the problematic behaviors, and their origins, so that you can gain closure or better manage your interactions?


And the real psychology behind narcissism and malignant borderline personalities and why they:


  • behave the way they do, with distorted thinking from within an alternate reality;

  • engage in gaslighting so readily, and "lie and deny" despite evidence;

  • respond to valid grievances by attacking and making themselves the victim; ​and

  • display envy and paranoia;...

...with explanations that don't just rely on the word "evil"?

Insight Into Family Dynamics 

Did you grow up in a narcissistic family and are trying to:

  • make sense of how you were raised?

  • unravel the head games, manipulation, mind control and insidious abuse you experienced?

  • let go of the confusion and sadness, but are feeling stuck?

  • deal with them now, and it's a nightmare?

Do you want to understand the profound negative impact having a narcissist (or malignant borderline) parent can have on you and how it can be reversed?

How I Can Help

This exploration is not for everyone.

But if you're looking for logical, comprehensive, yet digestible explanations ​based on the work of leading clinicians, theorists, and researchers, and insight and analysis based on a depth of experience, then you've come to the right place.

Please read below to learn what I can offer to help you resolve your questions and gain closure.

Real Information That Provides Clarity

In-depth information on what narcissism really is and how narcissists are wired, such as:


  • the psychology underpinning narcissism and why you're disempowered by it;

  • the resulting interpersonal dynamics and why you can't expect better;

  • the profound damage they cause to their children and partners, and how to reverse it;

  • traits and behaviors of the various types of narcissists on the narcissism spectrum;​​ and

  • a range of narcissistic tactics, including various forms of manipulation and mind games; and

  • whether or not they know what they are doing.​

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Exploration, Analysis and Insight That Provide Closure

Whether you're trying to make sense of what's going on with the narcissist in your life and what you've been subjected to, or you grew up in a narcissistic family and wonder why you were neglected, rejected, or targeted, together we can do an exploration to unravel the tangled dynamics at play.

We'll analyze the interactions, behaviors, and attitudes you've been subjected to within the framework of the underlying psychology and interpersonal dynamics common to narcissism, to develop a highly informed, holistic picture of your situation that will resolve your questions and provide you closure.

Have you cut out or been discarded by a

Personality-Disordered individual and feel


in Confusion, Hatred or Rumination?

I can help you develop a

highly informed, holistic picture 
that can allow you to move forward.

Schedule a free discovery session to see how we might work together.
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