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neutralize their power over you
Your Decision

Have you reached your limit with the narcissist in your life?

  • Experienced gaslighting one too many times?

  • Gotten ensnared in their crazy-making mind games?

  • Been "psychologically sucker-punched" more times than you care to count?

  • Been the target of a smear campaign for not giving in to their unreasonable demands?

  • Gotten trapped in "conflict hell"?


Are you ready to make it clear to them that they don't own you, without saying so?

Image by Echo Wang
Your Move
Take back control of your life.


  • identify vulnerabilities that keep you from protecting yourself and prioritizing what's best for you;

This is why they chose you, and why you are trapped.

  • cut through their gaslighting and mind games; 

They want to confuse you and maintain the upper hand.

  • stop taking the bait;  

They want to hook you in and distress you.

  • avoid getting drawn into escalating cycles of conflict;

They want to dominate you.

  • prevent intrusive and commanding behavior;

They want to subjugate you.

  • protect yourself from their aggression; and

They want you to punish you.

  • prepare for their next action,...

They want to catch you unsuspecting.

You'll develop abilities such as how to: you can neutralize their power over you and free yourself from their control.

They want to own you.

Have you cut out or been discarded by a

Personality-Disordered individual and feel


in Confusion, Hatred or Rumination?

I can help you develop a

highly informed, holistic picture 
that can allow you to move forward.

Schedule a free discovery session to see how we might work together.
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